Michigan schools participating in “Apple Crunch Day” on October 13

An apple at the table

Isabella, Arenac, and Wexford county schools – among others – are planning on crunching on an apple next week for “Apple Crunch Day”.

Michigan Apple Crunch is a statewide campaign aimed at increasing access to healthy, Michigan grown food – specifically apples.

Schools, businesses, and counties will be participating.

All that’s needed is an apple, preferably Michigan grown.

Kelly Lively is with Cherry Capital Foods, who is sponsoring the event.

“What we hope it does is that it’s the one small step in getting people started in continuing to look for local foods and to source them in their institutions, their schools, their universities, hospitals.”

Lively said this will be Apple Crunch’s fourth year.

“I’ve heard food service directors say that when they bring in apples that come from far away, have been stored for really long periods of time, the kids don’t really eat them, they just throw them away. But when they bring in a Michigan apple, they’re crisp, they’re sweet, they’re tart, it makes a big difference, the kids love them.”

Lively said anyone can get involved by eating an apple on October 13.