Meterologists predict one of warmest Octobers in state, expect no adverse effects from Hurricane Matthew


Meteorologists in Michigan predict the state will see no effects from Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew is expected to cause damage in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Jim Kaiser is with the National Weather Service in Gaylord.

He said the Great Lakes will protect Michigan from the residue of the hurricane.

“A large area of high pressure that is going to be over the Great Lakes and the northeast United States and that’s going to act like a barrier, like a wall to the hurricane and going to hit that wall to the north which is that area of high pressure.”

Though it’s only one week into month, Kaiser said this could be one of the warmest Octobers.

“It does look like it remains fairly mild the next few weeks though, so right now it looks like we would be on pace to have one of our warmer Octobers on record unless we can see some significantly cooler air come down, which we’re not seeing right now, anytime in the foreseeable future.”

Kaiser said Hurricane Matthew will have no impact on Michigan’s temperatures.