CMU students and faculty gathered Tuesday for anti-Trump rally

Photo | Central Michigan University

Photo | Central Michigan University

In cities across the country protesters have gathered to show opposition to president elect Donald Trump.

On the campus of Central Michigan University some 300 students and faculty gathered to show solidarity with the national protests.

Joan McDonald is a faculty member with the broadcasting and cinematic arts department at CMU.

She said she’s felt strongly about protecting people’s rights since the beginning of this election season.

“Old enough to be around in the 60’s protest. And I never felt strongly enough even though it was the vietnam war, and all that horror. I just never felt strongly enough, and today I’m up in arms, have been since the election.”

Dr. Shelly Hinck is a professor of communications.

“I feel, as a white, upper middle class woman, straight that I have many privileges that others don’t have, and I’m here to show solidarity with them.”

Photo | Central Michigan University

Photo | Central Michigan University

Dr. Maureen Eke is an English professor.

She explains why she believes people are fearful of a Trump presidency.

“It is traumatic to think that a nation that presents itself for the model for the world, a place that everyone is welcome, would elect somebody who hates people, somebody who sanctions fascism, somebody who sounds very much like Hitler, I’m not afraid to say that, somebody who hates women, somebody who disparages people with disabilities.”