Storm system likely to bring snow

60abbf5c3461ab6373fe5743aeffb971Forecasters are predicting that this weekend will bring snow to much of northern lower Michigan and the upper peninsula, with a good chance that it will stick.

The incoming storm system is expected to bring rain that will turn to snow on Saturday evening.

Jeff Lutz is with the National Weather Service Office in Gaylord. He said the system could make the weather a little more normal.

“Most people when ask about how warm it’s been lately this could be the system that actually starts to push us towards more normal November weather. If we’re above normal anymore it’ll be not by a lot as opposed to the 10-15 degrees we’ve had the last two weeks or so.”

Lutz said the snow will likely stick the day after it falls, but temperatures could pop back up next week and melt the snow in time for Thanksgiving travel.