Smart911 to be implemented statewide

911d995c3f544c56beea5d16133c50ef911 calls made from cell phones can now include user profiles with important information, thanks to a program called Smart911.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley announced says the state will provide two-million dollars to make the technology available to dispatch centers across the state.

Landline calls automatically give dispatch an address where the call is coming from, but cell phones ping a general location, and that’s not always accurate.

Smart911 allows residents to create personal profiles to give dispatchers all of the relevant data they may need to find the home; things like an address, health problems of people in the home, or the number of pets and a floor plan.

Katherine Dahl is the director of marketing at Rave Mobile Safety, which owns Smart911. She said a resident in Grand Traverse county who called in provides a great example of the technology.

“The 911 call taker could sense that he was in trouble but was not able to get a location from him. It actually showed him in the middle of a lake in late winter so he certainly knew that wasn’t an accurate location. But his family safety profile popped up with his home address which was in that range and they immediately dispatched to his location.”

Dahl said the user’s profile helped officers find the man quickly and likely helped save his life.

Officials with the Lt. Governor’s office say roughly 2 million dollars have been put aside in the state budget to implement the Smart911 technology.

You can find a link to create a Smart911 profile here: