A wind energy project is Shiawassee county may create hundreds of jobs for the area

Wind TurbineThe Apex Clean Energy organization is working to create a wind energy project to generate renewable energy in Shiawassee county.

The project would generate hundreds of new jobs during the construction phase and create six to eight permanent jobs once the wind towers are up.

Brad Lila is the director of project development for Apex Clean Energy.

He said Michigan needs new energy generation and this project will have more than one benefit to the communities.

“Wind energy is one for the cheapest forms of generation that there is on the market today. It is surely the cleanest and safest form of generation that is available and we’re presented an opportunity to have this built locally.

Lila said there has been some push back from the community but there are hundreds of people who support the project.

Construction is expected to begin sometime in 2018 .