Project to bring Christmas gifts to foster children in need of pilots

AeroplaneA lot of adults know how Santa feels – giving presents to children during the holiday season. But if you’re a pilot and want to know what his reindeer might feel like, we have just the thing. The state is looking for volunteer pilots to help carry gifts to foster children across the state.

Operation Good Cheer is celebrating its 45th anniversary and this year it’s scheduled to bring gifts to almost 6,000 children around Michigan.

Sherry Brackenwagen is the with Child and Family Services of Michigan, which organizes the program. She said they are short on airplane pilots to make the deliveries.

“As of this morning we have probably about 150 pilots and aircraft lined up so that is where we are trying to get the word out.”

Brackenwagen said last year they had about 170 pilots to deliver gifts to fewer children.

Gifts will be sorted on Friday at the Oakland County Airport and fly out early Saturday morning.

For information on how to volunteer visit