Over 2 million pounds of food have been delivered to Flint so far this year

food pantry-1As much as 400 thousand pounds of food are delivered to Flint residents every month. This according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The effort is part of a program that offers free high-nutrient foods available to residents to offset lead exposure.

In the first nine-months of the program, officials say two-million pounds of food has been distributed to people in Flint. The food is part of a 28-million dollar supplemental budget request signed by Governor Rick Snyder in January.

Bob Wheaton is with the Department of Health and Human Services. He said access to good food is important.

“For somebody that has been exposed to lead it really helps mitigate the impacts of that if you eat food that has a lot of calcium, vitamin C, and iron, so the food available at the food pantries are foods with those types of vitamins and minerals to help mitigate those lead impacts.”

Wheaton said the program has been a huge success, serving roughly 5,000 families every month.

A full list of mobile food pantry locations and times can be found here: