Obesity and diabetes are among the top health care concerns of northern Michigan residents


Obesity and diabetes are a couple of the top health care concerns of northern Michigan residents. This according to the new study released this week by Munson Healthcare.

This year, the Community Health Needs Assessment showed community concerns include prenatal health, substance abuse, and access to health care.

Christina Nowak is with Munson.

“We really feel this the right thing to do to to learn from our community, what the needs are, and then design our programs and activities around the results of the needs assessment.”

Munson Healthcare conducts its Community Health Assessment once every three years.

“We’ve identified those needs, then we work on creating a plan to what we at the hospital are going to do to address those needs and the hospital is just one piece of the puzzle, a lot of these health issues are complex and they require multiple community partners to show measurable outcome over time.”

Nowak said strategies include providing people with vouchers and even prescriptions for health food, and raising awareness of diabetes.