Cheboygan man raises money by camping in giant kettle

Donation-Tips 3A Cheboygan man has a unique plan to raise funds for charity this holiday season.

He’s spent the last four days camped out in an 8ft version of the Salvation Army’s donation buckets in hopes of raising ten thousand dollars.

It’s being called the 10k red kettle stay and aims to address a shortfall in funding for Salvation Army programs.

Greg Bock is the business manager for the local Salvation Army. He said on one of the nights, with snow in the forecast, a friend came by to offer comfort.

“He comes to the Kettle and he looks up at me and I have this look of defeat on my face and I say ‘listen Frankie I think I got myself in over my head here.’ he said ‘Greg the whole town is watching you.’ I said ‘Frank if I were really homeless I would die. I don’t know what I’m doing here.’ He said ‘That’s the thing, when you are really legitimately homeless you have to do what you have to do, so grab that rope and that tarp and pull it tight.’”

Bock said they are 7,000 dollars into the 10,000 dollar goal – and he won’t leave the kettle until they achieve it.

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