Medical plant chemistry major first of its kind in the country

cannabis-buds-in-handA first of its kind medicinal plant chemistry major at Northern Michigan University will be the first of its kind in the nation, according to officials with the University.

The major is aimed at giving students the training for both the medicinal marijuana or the herbal supplement industry.

Classes will focus on experimental horticulture, analytical chemistry, and entrepreneurism.

Mark Paulsen is the head of the chemistry department at Northern Michigan University. He said initially the program faced university concerns.

“I think the concern that a number of people expressed and that we’re trying to make clear is that although the skills that the students are learning might certainly be relevant in the cannabis industry there are not going to be working with cannabis at all in any form.”

Paulsen said they only just began promoting the program and have already seen a lot of interest.

The program is set to begin in the Fall of 2017.