Members of the Saginaw Valley State University Forensics team qualified for nationals at a speech tournament earlier this month

SVSU forensics at MISL December 2016 (1)Four students from SVSU’s team qualified for the National Forensics Association Tournament.

Melinda Dinninger is a fourth year student at SVSU and a member of the forensics team.

“It gives us a lot of self confidence to be able to speak and communicate our ideas effectively. It teaches how to work together in a team, how to– because we write these speeches ourselves, how to research and write and create a good presentation from scratch, and then how to collaborate and communicate new ideas, and then also how to work with you know conflicting viewpoints.”

Dinninger says the speeches often deal with conflicting viewpoints, and these events teach students how to deliver cohesive messages to an audience whose viewpoint may differ from their own.

The national tournament is scheduled for April 13 through the 17th at the University of Wisconsin.