A documentary about an Indian family looking to find love for their son airs Monday on CMU Public Television


Meet The Patels was filmed by Geeta Patel, and follows her brother Ravi on his – and their parents – quest to find him love.

The Patel’s parents fly him around the world in hopes he will get married soon.

Geeta Patel is the producer and director of the film. She said it’s a light-hearted take on the Indian culture of marriage.

“Where were from, marriage is, there’s no question. There’s not, there’s absolutely no question whether you’re going to have kids either. You are going to have kids. And these are all very important milestones that show you are maturing.”

Ravi Patel said his parents gave him resumes of girls from around the world.

“They basically convinced me and said hey, we understand you want romance and love in the American sense, since you were born and raised in America. If you trust us to just let us set you up, set you up with these patel girls around the country, we’ll fly you around, you can go on these dates with patel girls. While the process itself might be weird, it will result in you finding real love in the American sense.”

Geeta Patel said she hopes people will get a better understanding of Indian culture after watching.

Meet The Patels is scheduled to air on CMU Public Television Dec. 26 at 9 pm.