State isn’t transparent enough on water data, say Flint water activists

bottle-of-water (1)Flint activists are demanding the state be more transparent about testing done on water in the city.

Water Defense and Water You Fighting For, the state is withholding data on Flint’s water quality from residents.

Melissa Mays is founder of Water You Fighting For. She said the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has continued to sidestep responsibility.

“The MDEQ is trying to say that because their 90th percentile average was down over the last month that it shows compliance with the lead and copper rule. That’s twisting the wording of the lead and copper rule. It states a state has to prove long term optimization of corrosion control that minimizes the residents exposure to lead at all taps. That does not say ‘okay, the 90th percentile is below 15 parts per billion so we’re still in compliance, wrong.”

The Department of Environmental Quality did not immediately respond to our request for information about how many reports exist and how many have been released to the public.