Otsego County reports record snowfall in December

Snowy Trees

Otsego County had record breaking snowfall last month, accumulating just over 60 inches.

Jeff Zoltowski is a meteorologist with the service. “What impacts Otsego County and a lot of the other portions of northern lower Michigan is we get lake effect snow with a lot of different wind directions, so if the winds from the west, northwest, even in some cases out of the south west, we can still get accumulating snow.”

Zoltowski said the previous record was 57 inches.

“We had a very snowy month up here. The autumn had been relatively quiet, we had a lack of snowfall in the month of October and November, we had less than a foot of snow as we moved into December, then we turned sharply colder and the lake effect snow machine got cranking, we had a couple storm systems go through.”

Zoltowski said no other snowfall records were broke in northern Michigan. He says the next closest was Houghton Lake, which had 31 inches. The record there is 45 inches.

Snow is expected in northern lower Michigan throughout the weekend