Congressman Dan Kildee states opposition to Canadian nuclear site

file000771864376Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee is speaking out against news that a Canadian company is moving forward with plans to create a nuclear waste storage site less than a mile from Lake Huron.

The company proposing the site, Ontario Power Generation, completed studies late last year which it says pointed to the Lake Huron sight as the safest location for nuclear waste.

But Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee said risking a leak into Lake Huron is unacceptable. He says it’s an issue that could be brought to the International Joint Commission.

“Which is an entity created to resolve questions or deal with issues that are cross border issues between the United States and Canada. This to me meets the standard for the IJC.”

Kildee said he introduced past legislation to bring the proposed nuclear site to the IJC but it didn’t pass. He says he will be re-introducing legislation again this year.