Disturbance at Kinross cost almost 900-thousand dollars

file5991249745113Almost 900-thousand dollars were spent by the Michigan Department of Corrections to cover the costs of a prison disturbance at the Kinross Correctional Facility in September.

Roughly 80 thousand dollars were spent to cover damages incurred by inmates at the disturbance.

The remainder, over 800-thousand dollars, was spent on wages, overtime, food, and accommodations for the 100 officers sent in from around the state to help control the disturbance.

Chris Gautz is with the Michigan Department of Corrections. He said it’s a steep price tag, but one he’s willing to pay.

“The fact that we had no injuries to staff or to prisoners was the key for us. While it was a high cost a higher cost would have been if we had a staff member injured or taken hostage or a prisoner being injured. It was a real testament to our staff that they were able to do that without any injuries.”

Gautz said personnel costs were covered by each of the prisons that sent officers to help quell the incident.