MI Democrats girding to defend Obamacare

Stethoscope 3The Affordable Care Act is shaping up to be one of the first big battles of the new congressional session. Republicans have promised to repeal it. Democrats are girded to defend it. And there’s a lot at stake for Michigan.

Republicans have still not agreed on what will replace Obamacare. But they say something needs to be done to make healthcare more affordable, and the law has not solved that problem.

Democrats like Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee say they may be in the minority, but they’re defending a law that has a lot of popular elements Republicans have promised to keep.

“They can call it what they want, but what they’re going to come up with in a replacement is going to look, and walk, and sound an awful lot like the Affordable Care Act.”

390 thousand people in Michigan have purchased insurance on the federal health care exchange. Another 640 thousand people in Michigan have signed up for the expanded Medicaid program that’s part of the law. And hospitals say that’s saving lots of money on unneeded emergency room visits.