State awarded 3.5 million to combat invasive species



Officials say more than a dozen projects around the state are being funded with this year’s grants.

Joanne Foreman is the Communications Coordinator for the Invasive Species Program with the DNR.

“The program is designed to encourage more widespread focus on invasive species throughout the state including the development of cooperative invasive species management areas. These are locally lead regional groups who get together and identify locations of invasive species and help the public and private entities work to treat these invasive species.”

Foreman says some of the funding will go toward research and early response efforts against new invasive species. The rest goes to education and outreach for the public.

She says this year’s grants are funding projects in 35 counties including Alpena, Cheboygan, Chippewa, and Roscommon.

A full list of the county’s and the projects planned is on the Michigan Invasive Species Grants Program homepage.