Got Milk? You may be eligible for a refund

Holstein Face by FenceA lawsuit settlement against the National Milk Producers Federation means 52 million dollars are being refunded to their customers. – that is, anyone who has bought milk in Michigan since 2003.

The lawsuit claimed milk producers illegally increased the sell price of milk products by prematurely slaughtering cows.

Anyone who has bought milk from Dairy Farmers of America, Land O’Lakes, Dairylea Cooperative or Agri-Mark since 2003, is eligible to receive a refund of, likely 45 to 70 dollars.

Groups that purchased milk products in bulk could receive between 12 hundred and 19 hundred dollars.

Buyers are also entitled to a settlement if they purchased cream, half & half, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream or cream cheese.

A link to sign up for a refund is here.