Schuette joins blind man’s United States Supreme Court lawsuit

judgepic13The state Attorney General has filed a brief in a discrimination case that could be headed for the United States Supreme Court

This is the third brief Attorney General Bill Schuette has filed in the case going back to 2011.

Angelo Binno is legally blind. He is suing the American Bar Association for disability discrimination.

Binno says he was rejected from every law school he applied to because he couldn’t draw diagrams for the logic games portion of the L-SAT and scored too low on the test.

Megan Hawthorne is the deputy press secretary for Schuette’s office.

“The Attorney General, as a lawyer himself, just thinks it’s super important that just because someone has a seeing disability does not affect their ability to be a successful practicing attorney.”

The Attorney General for the state of Ohio also signed onto the brief.