State says Flint’s water meets federal requirements for lead and copper, still not safe to drink

bottled water

A new state report finds lead and copper levels in Flint water levels meet federal requirements, though, officials say it’s still not totally safe to drink.

The state is still urging people to use water filters and bottled water for drinking and cooking.

The report follows a six-month monitoring period by the department.

DEQ spokesperson Tiffany Brown said residents should still use water filters.

“The state continues it’s recommendations that residents use filtered water for drinking and cooking for everyone in the household. And that’s partly due to the chance for disruption as the pipes in the city continue to be replaced.”

Brown said the next monitoring period began earlier this month, and will continue until June.

“It’s all about the safety of the residents and certainly we want to be in compliance with the federal lead and copper rule as well. It’s just given some history of what’s happened in the city we want to make sure the city meets compliance and make sure residents are getting quality water.”