Farm conference hopes to improve communication between farmers and the public

6F6A4498Improving communication between farmers and the public was the theme of this years Great Lakes Crop Summit.

Wheat, soybean, and corn farmers and industry suppliers met in Mount Pleasant this week for the event.

Conference organizers say the focus was on putting farmers at the forefront of communicating new farm technologies, including genetically modified foods, to the public.

Laurie Eisley is a Michigan farmer who was at the conference. She said she understands concerns about how food is grown.

“I was a parent, I’ve raised children, I have grandchildren now. I think everyone is concerned we’re bombarded with a lot of information. It’s really hard sometimes to sort out what the truth is I think it’s important for people to find opportunities when they can to really talk with a farmer and get that bottom line.”

Event organizers say this year’s conference drew nearly 1,000 attendees.