Traverse City embraces google maps for bus routes

abeb18b4e9f08e7e8205ff0570c8bfe4A new transportation tool aims to make navigating bus routes in Traverse City just a little bit easier.

The Bay Area Transportation Authority, or BATA, has uploaded information on bus routes, fares, and times to Google Maps.

Officials with BATA say this will make route planning much easier. Residents and tourists need only to enter their trip into Google Maps to get information on what bus routes they will need to take.

Eric Lingaur is the communications manager for BATA. He said the uploading the information took time, but was otherwise no cost.

“It was quite an in depth process to get this uploaded but now that it’s up there and now that it’s up there and now that it’s integrated any time we make a change to a route we’ll be able to tweak it and people will be able to utilize it.”

Lingaur said paper schedules will still be available for residents who prefer to plan trips this way, but the google maps method is streamlined.

He said to plan a route users can go to the BATA website or simply use google maps on their phones.