Last year was record setting for Cherry Capital Airport


Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City recorded its highest number of passengers ever last year.

The airport saw over 450,000 passengers last year. Up more than 30,000 people from their previous record in 2005.

The airport director said the uptick in business is due to northern Michigan becoming recognized as a tourism destination.

Kevin Klein is the airport director.

“A lot of our agricultural businesses are growing, so we’re seeing a lot of different things take place here in northern Michigan and people’s travel habits are up and we’re very excited for it and so when people want to come here and visit.”

Klein said he’s looking forward to more growth in the region.

“A lot of it of course is due to tourism. We’ve really become that destination airport that people want to come and visit to see from our wines and breweries to our events with the fim festival, the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, the Cherry Festival.”

Klein said the number of airline passengers closely reflects the current economy.