Immigration ban sparks protest at Central Michigan University

IMG_1016People gathered on the campus of Central Michigan University Tuesday to protest President Trump’s immigration ban.

Officials with the university say roughly 12 international students are directly impacted by the ban.

Peter Rathmann is a Mount Pleasant resident. He said he’s opposed to President Trump’s executive order.

“Even though he says it’s not a religious ban it’s a country ban his previous statements make it clear the intent was based on religion. So it’s against American principles and I want to let people know that.”

Not everyone supported the protest. Mike is a student at CMU who simply watched. He said he respects the right to protest he doesn’t agree with this one.

“Do I believe everyone should be banned? No. But I understand President Trumps idea of banning people from certain countries to come to this countries. You gotta protect what you love and yourself before others.

About 250 protesters participated in the march.