Congresspeople sign letter opposing Lake Huron nuclear waste site

file918127907778423 Members of Congress have sent a letter to the Canadian government opposing a proposed nuclear dump site less than a mile from Lake Huron.

The nuclear waste site was proposed by Ontario Power Generation. The company released a study last month indicating that the Lake Huron site was the ideal location for the waste.

Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee is one of the authors of the opposition letter. He said he is hopeful the letter will put pressure on and Canadian government to deny the proposed site.

“They should make a decision that limits the potential exposure to people who have a voice in making the determination. On the Canadian side they want to make it their choice they can make it their choice. But they ought not be able to make a decision for the tens of millions of Americans living in the Great Lakes region.”

Officials with OPG said they expect to hear from the Canadian government on the status of the planned site sometime in the fall.