Plans for Soo Locks Children’s Museum move foward


Plans for a children’s museum in the UP are moving forward.

Board members are looking now to raise funds for building renovations.

The board purchased a building to house the Soo Locks Children’s Museum in Sault Ste. Marie in December.

Now renovations are needed to help bring the museum to life.

Connie Baker is the president of the board. She’s also the founder of the project.

“The museum will be focused on science, technology, engineering, math, music, arts and music. And it’ll be open to everyone.”

Baker said the new facility will help fulfill a need in the community. Right now, the closest children’s museums are in Traverse City and Marquette.

They’re also planning exhibits to appeal to kids ages two to ten.

“So exhibits are developed that expose children to scientific ideas, to technology, to engineering, there’s an art section, a music section etcetera. Some of the exhibits are permanent, and some of the exhibits are rented.”

Baker said she hopes to have the museum open next year.