New tool helps map e coli in local waterways

DSC02835A new statewide interactive mapping tool aims to keep Michigan residents informed about potential e coli contamination in their communities.

State officials will be teaming up with local agencies to keep up-to-date information on e coli levels in lakes, rivers, and beachfronts across the state.

Melody Kindraka is with the Department of Environmental Quality. She said the website will also include action plans for residents.

“You can look up your local community, see if there has been any e coli identified in your area, and then get in touch with either permit holders or local watershed groups who may be working to reduce those potential sources.”

Recently the DEQ identified 196 lakes, rivers, and beaches across the state with higher than acceptable e coli levels.

To find out more about E coli in your area visit:,4561,7-135-3313_3681_3686_3728-376271–,00.html