Flint father reunited with sons after immigration ban halted by federal judge

file2491277419851A Flint resident and U.S. citizen was reunited with his Yemeni sons Monday after President Trump’s immigration ban was halted by a federal judge.

The Aziz brothers’ immigration visas were canceled last week, mid-flight, unbeknownst to them.

Attorneys for the men say when they landed, immigration officials stamped their visas ‘canceled, coerced the brothers into signing documents withdrawing their applications to enter the U.S., and forced them to buy return flights.

According to the attorneys, the men’s father, who lives in Flint, reached out for help.

Paul Hughes was a co-counsel on the case. He said by working with immigration officials they were able to bring the two men back, with their immigration status reinstated.

“Mr Aziz, you know, he really was just grateful for everything that happened. I think he made a comment that this situation really made him love America more because all of the outpouring of support he got from the community and seeing there was a lot of interest in his case and lots of people were coming to support him. It was something he found to be deeply meaningful.”

Hughes said the legal team was assisted by a crowd funding campaign that raised 36-thousand dollars over the weekend to help pay for the legal proceedings.

The brothers now live with their father in Flint.