Snyder budget plan calls for saving , spending, but no new tax cut

Snyder1More money to help schools with declining enrollments. More money for high schools. And more money to help Flint and to ramp up work infrastructure projects. These are all part of Governor Rick Snyder’s spending plans for the coming fiscal year.

Schools, worker training, and higher education are all big winners in Governor Snyder’s proposed budget – which must still be adopted by the Legislature. The governor also wants to put money into an infrastructure fund, pay down long-term retirement costs, and top out the state’s rainy day savings at a billion dollars for the first time since before the Great Recession.

“There’s been tremendous progress in this state. We should be proud. But we shouldn’t be complacent nor content.”

The governor did not explicitly say “no” to any new tax cuts. But he says Republicans who want to roll back taxes had better also come up with plans to cut spending.