Anti-semitic valentine not created by CMU student

CMUlogo2013_CMU_maroon_CMYKOfficials with Central Michigan University say an investigation into an anti semitic valentine given to a student by members of the College Republicans has been completed.

According to officials with the University the valentine was not made by a CMU student.

Kirsten Simmons is a spokesperson for the University. She said the culprit had been in attendance at the College Republican meeting.

“Damon Brown our director of student activities and involvement spoke with some of the members of that student organization who were very remorseful and they were shocked to learn what had happened.”

Simmons said the office of institutional diversity will plan educational programming for students connected to the event.

In a release CMU President George Ross said of the valentine quote “The journey toward diversity.. At times seems endless yet the actions of our students, faculty and staff through this can give us all hope.”