Midland city council approves over 6 million dollars in new projects



Work on two riverside renovation projects in the city of Midland will begin this spring. The projects were approved Monday by the city council.

Over six million dollars will go to support the projects. Two point two million was donated by Momentum Midland for canoe and kayak launches, trails, and river restoration at a former concrete manufacturing site south of downtown.

An additional 1 point 6 million could also come from Momentum Midland for a footbridge between the renovated site and the downtown.

Selina Tisdale is with the City of Midland. She said the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation donated two-and-a-half million dollars to restore the three way bridge across the tittabawase and chippewa rivers.

“Our tridge is an icon for the city of Midland. We have thousands of visitors who come every summer to see The Tridge and see all the events that go on around The Tridge. The tridge is 36 years old and is in need of some significant repair to the decking.”

Tisdale said the projects are expected to start immediately with a possible end of summer completion date.