Michigan now requires permits for zip line operators

zip-line-1563291State officials are taking precautions to make zipline riders safer.

New this year, zipline owners and operators are required to obtain a permit.

State officials say the new requirement is simply another precaution to ensure the safety of zipline users.

Julia Dale is with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, who is responsible for the permits.

“Certainly we recognize, ziplines, I don’t think they were contemplated years ago when people started looking at the Amusement and Carnival Act just like many other things, new rides that are out there and we recognize now they’re across the state they’re across the country and we include them in the administration of the act to be able to ensure the safety of the public.”

Dale says all ziplines also require an inspection before being operated. They have until March first to apply for a permit.

More information on the zipline permits and a link to apply for one is at LARA’s website.