Peak flu season hits Michigan


If you or someone you know has experienced the flu this year, you’re not alone.

Health officials say in peak flu season, and cases aren’t likely to slow down for another month.

In 2014 there were five hundred cases for the whole season.

Jennifer Eisner is with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

“We know that there is flu circulating in the environment and we’re seeing not only cases but associated outbreaks as well. So now is a really good time for residents to make sure they’ve gotten their flu shots and if not get it as soon as possible. We’re continuing to see new cases reported to our department through our laboratory every week, that’s an indication that the flu season continues to rise and increase.”

The MDHHS said outbreaks often affect schools the most.

“If you are ill, stay home. That’s a good recommendation for parents as well. So if you have a child whose ill, keep them home because it is a highly contagious illness and it is quick to spread in an area such as a school where people gather and spend a lot of time.”

Last week, East Jordan schools in Charlevoix County had to close after eighteen percent of students stayed home with the flu.