Environmental group files lawsuit against Trump administration over bees

file0002139185285An environmental group filed suit in federal court this week against the Trump administration saying that a freeze on an ‘endangered species’ designation for the rusty patched bumblebee is illegal.

Officials with the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service say the bumblebee has disappeared from ninety percent of its habitat. It used to be in Michigan – but has rarely been seen in recent years.

Rebecca Riley is an attorney with the Natural Resource Defense Council, which filed the suit. She said the bee can’t wait.

“The rusty patched bumblebee would get a recovery plan and that plan would identify the threats to the bees survival and map out a strategy for bringing the species back to a healthy level. That’s a really important part of the endangered species listing.”

The endangered species listing was scheduled to take effect on February 10th but will now wait until at least mid March.

Riley said the plaintiffs are waiting for the federal government to respond.