Data finds link between Flint water and Legionnaires Disease

file0001912523872New test data from the Centers for Disease Control may show a link between Flint’s water during the water crisis to an uptick in cases of Legionnaires Disease.

But officials with the state health department say an ongoing probe into McLaren’s Flint hospital response to the disease outbreak will continue.

The CDC’s testing revealed genetic similarities between legionella found in Flint’s water and the bacteria that infected several Flint residents.

Janet Stout is a national expert on Legionnaires Disease who has been hired by McLaren to represent the hospital during the investigation.

“To focus on one potential building for a source of infection is really myopic in my opinion. The impacts of the water quality change were community wide. The science, the data that was published by the state in 2016 and the new data supports that it was widespread.”

Angela Minicuci is with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. She said the newly released data doesn’t change the fact that 52 cases of legionella were linked to the hospital between 2014 and 2016.

“While they are not necessarily the only contributor to the outbreak in Genesee county, they certainly were a large portion of it.”

The hospital said the state is trying to cast blame for legionella cases it knew about, and quote “did nothing about” for years.