Warm weather to dissapear as soon as Friday


Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Meteorologists say a return to more winter-like conditions is expected by next weekend.

Meteorologists say the current stretch of warm weather is being caused by the jet stream carrying warm air from the Pacific over the midwest.

Michael Boguth is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gaylord.

“Really it’s just because the cold air has left this side of the globe to be honest with you. It’s over there in Russia, the other side of the world. We’ve just been dominated by what we call the pacific pattern and that pacific brings a lot of mild air across the really, the whole U.S.”

He said temperatures should fall heading into next weekend… when snow will also work its way back into the forecast.

“You know northern Michigan, winter is far from over. You know we can see snow definitely in March and even April. I think we’ll see our fair share yet. But it’s really hard once we completely lose that snow pact, and a lot of areas already have, it’s really hard to establish a really deep, kind of, permanent snow pact for the rest of the winter. So we’ll see some snow as soon as quick as this weekend I think, maybe as quick as by Friday night and Saturday.”

But until then, Boguth said temperatures will remain above normal… and could even hit record highs.