Michigan weather affecting maple syrup season

file00029928626As anyone who lives in Michigan knows, the weather can turn on a dime. The latest weather shift is causing syrup producers to get an early start to their season.

Maple syrup producers say the sap this year is running about a month earlier than usual.

Steven Henson is the owner and operator of Doodles Sugarbush in Blanchard. He says below-freezing nights and above-freezing days makes the sap flow best. This mid-winter thaw is actually a little too much of a good thing.

“This heat kind of slows us down it takes some of the sugar content out of our sap, so it takes more gallons to make a gallon of syrup. The soft maples, red maple, silver maple, they’ll start budding early, and the bud breaks then it ruins the sap for maple syrup production.”

Henson says syrup season normally runs four to six weeks.He says if temperatures drop as expected this weekend, it will help the season back on track.