Coyote sightings expected to increase due to breeding

lost-coyote-1534757-638x466The coyote population in Michigan is large, and with breeding season beginning, sightings are expected to increase.

Coyotes are found in every county in Michigan. Wildlife experts say they are typically more visible during breeding season.

Hannah Schauer is a wildlife communications coordinator with the DNR.

“They have a natural fear of people but if they’re finding resources, food resources in particular close to people’s homes, they might start to lose some of that natural fear of people and become habituated.”

Schauer says there’s no record of coyotes ever attacking a human in Michigan.She says the only things in any real danger is food if it’s left out, gardens, and in some cases pets and other small animals.

In the interest of disclosure, the DNR is an underwriter of CMU Public Radi

More information on how to avoid conflicts with coyotes is here.