Saginaw broke a record for the warmest February, Flint had second highest


Meteorologists agree it was unusually warm across the state last month.

The average temperature last month in Saginaw was 33.6 degrees. It beat the previous record by two tenths of a degree.

Flint saw its second warmest month on record, with an average temperature of 34.4. That fell short of the record high by one tenth of a degree.

Jordan Dale is with the National Weather Service in Detroit.

“So the average for Saginaw was 33.6 the normal is 24.5 so that’s nine degrees above average. That’s actually a really large anomaly to have for the entire month. In Flint the average temperature came out at 34.4, normal should be around 24.8 so that was also 9.6 degrees above average.”

Dale said though snow is forecast, March could be above average for temperatures as well.

“The climate prediction center, which does the monthly outlooks for the National Weather Service has indicated it should be closest to average in March, but again it could be above average, not as much as February but we could still see some above average temperatures throughout the month.”

The National Weather Service in Gaylord says there may have been records broken in northern Michigan last month as well – but right now they are too busy working on the winter storm to crunch the numbers. They expect to have the information by the end of the week.