CMU launches Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Central Michigan University recently announced a new task force on campus, focused on Diversity and Inclusion.

Amy Robinson spoke with CMU President Dr. George Ross about the group and its importance to the campus community.

(Dr. Ross) As the title implies it’s about diversity and inclusion. I’m referring to it as a task force because I wanted to be action oriented. and we’ll get them to work this semester and I imagine the work will carry over into fall semester as we move forward. But we really want to evaluate the recommendations not only about this last study that we had but there were some previous work done around campus and previous recommendations and I want to put them all together on the table and examine what we’re currently doing versus what the recommendations are and see how we proceed. It’s important. Diversity is important to our campus and to our community, inclusion is important. I’m fully supportive

(AR) Give us a sense for some of the specific areas they may be looking at

(Dr Ross) Recommendations center around a diversity and inclusion strategic plan. There are recommendations around curriculum and I think there are thirteen major recommendations from the last study, and that’s your starting point. Like I said there are other studies previous to this last one and I want all those ideas and thoughts considered.

(AR) When we look at issues involving inclusivity and equality, this kind of effort reaches beyond the campus, You also are including in the Mount Pleasant community
(Dr Ross) Of course, this is where we live we kind of grew up with Mt Pleasant. I think we’re about the same age the city and the university. But it does include the community in which we live and that’s Mt Pleasant, Isabella county, surrounding counties and townships. We’re not an island we’re part of this community and it will include and does include the total community.

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