Power company flies to island to restore power

file000230653603Power outages are widespread across the state but for some energy companies, the work of getting the power back on is more difficult than you might expect.

One company is flying repair people out to an island in Lake Huron to restore power for residents.


Bois Blanc is home to roughly 370 residents, although many of those are part time.

The island, which is just north of Cheboygan in Lake Huron, is serviced by Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op. It’s serviced by underwater lines.

Maire Chagnon-Hazelman is a spokesperson for Presque Isle Electric. She said the power lines that criss-cross the island are particularly susceptible to high winds.

“Most of the folks there are seasonal, they visit the island during the summer time, but for those hardy folks who endure the winters on the island most of them all have generators.”

Chagnon-Hazelman said the company is flying four service people out to the island and expect to have the power back on before the end of the week.