Study outlines food needs in Midland county

file000280402331Plans are being made to provide emergency food sources to hungry families in Midland County. And aid organizations are using the findings of a new study to guide their work.

A survey was conducted last spring to gather information on the food needs of people in the Midland County area.

Now officials are using the results to help increase access to emergency food services and to destigmatize food insecurity.

Brian Thomas is an associate professor of sociology at Saginaw Valley State University. He helped United Way of Midland County conduct the survey.

“There was this great network of nonprofits and churches and community organizations that were providing food for people at need, but what they were really interested in was then trying to figure out, to what extent were people who needed food not accessing those services.”

Thomas says now that data collection is over, efforts can focus on helping families in need of food.