Health officials are spreading word of a disorder that can cause cancer

Health professionals are working this week to spread awareness of a genetic disorder that is a leading cause of certain cancers.

Officials say Lynch Syndrome increases a person’s chances of colorectal cancer from the typical six percent to as high as 80 percent. They say LS is not a rare disorder, and one in every 300 to 400 people have it.

Jennifer Eisner is the Public Information Officer with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
“The signs of Lynch Syndrome are really developing colorectal cancer younger than age 50 so it’s something that’s often diagnosed after there has been another diagnosis such as a cancer.”

Eisner says LS also increases a person’s chances of developing bowel and uterine cancer. She it’s important to know your family history and talk with your physician if there are potential signs of LS in your family tree.