Steer with bovine TB traced to Newaygo County

file0001491297369A new case of bovine tuberculosis has been detected in a steer from Newaygo County.

Officials say the case was discovered as a part of the ongoing work to halt the spread of the bacteria.


Genome sequencing allowed officials with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food Safety Inspection Service to identify the bovine tb as part of a strain common in Northern Michigan.

White tailed deer are often carriers for the infection and spread it to cattle farms in the area.

Jessy Sielski is with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. He said the bacteria can spread to humans.

“It’s not very common that’s one of the reasons pasteurization exists it does kill bovine TB. It technically can be found in the meat of an animal but that’s very rare. When people take precautions such as cooking meat to a proper temperature that’s one way to mitigate that.”

Sielski said other cattle on the farm were tested and were free of the bacteria.

He said a three mile quarantine was put on the farm. Cattle within that radius will be tested over the next six months.