Diversion program in Gratiot and Clinton counties is recognized as a model in the state

e3bc10d77963468f2705f7119c049b73A prison diversion program in two Michigan counties has been recognized by the state as a model program for courts. Since 2013, Gratiot and Clinton counties have used a program called Swift & Sure to move felons away prisons and towards rehabilitation. Judge Michelle Rick introduced the program in the 29th Circuit court. She says Swift and Sure allows people convicted of a crime to keep their jobs and remain in the community while families and designated officials help them move forward. “There’s an ongoing discussion on the national level in terms of how our prisons are kind of bursting at the seams and we as a society need to be a little more savvy and aware of who we are sending to prison and why we’re sending them to prison.” Judge Rick says a number of Michigan counties have shown interest in implementing the Swift and Sure program.