Lawsuit filed for removal of liquor store proximity law

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A lawsuit has been filed against the state for rescinding a proximity law for liquor stores. The law prohibited liquor stores from opening within a half-mile of each other. The state lifted the law last week without a public hearing. The trade group that filed the suit is alleging that it was illegal to remove the law without the public’s input or knowledge. The Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers filed the suit against the state and the Liquor Control Commission. The suit said removing a law without a public hearing violates Michigan law. Auday Arabo is the President of the AFPD. “Whether you agree or disagree with the half-mile rule, all we’re looking for is openness and transparency in government.” Arabo said the state has until Wednesday to respond to the suit. “We’re not saying hey go one way or another, we’re saying we want the process. The process is really important for everyone that currently has a license, and has invested hundreds of thousands and millions dollars in the license to come and tell you if it’s important or not.” The liquor commission could not be reached for comment.