Isabella County Sheriff Office reports 10 instances of pornographic material on cars

POLICE CAR- BLUE LIGHTS Police are looking for the suspects involved in the latest report of pornographic material left on a windshield. The occurrences have taken place in Isabella County, incidents in Manistee and Grandville are also being investigated. The Isabella County Sheriff’s Office said since last week there have been 10 reports of pornagraphic material being left on cars while female victims were shopping. The suspects have had no contact with the victims, but often wait for them to grab the material before driving away. Last week a victim said she found a pornagraphic magazine on her windshield while she was inside a store in Mount Pleasant. Police say surveillance footage show a man pulling up to the victim’s car, placing the magazine on her windshield, and driving away. Police say the other reports are similar and it has been happening from mid to late afternoon. The most recent occurrence was Friday at a Walmart in Mount Pleasant.