State asks for report from electric providers on March windstorm

file000230653603 Over a million people were left without power statewide earlier this month, after a strong windstorm swept across Michigan. Now, the state is asking utilities to file reports on how they responded to the outages. The Michigan Public Service Commission says they’re looking to help DTE and Consumers Energy better respond to future outages. Judy Palnau is with the MPSC. “It was significant and some of those people were restored very very quickly, but some took a week or maybe even a little longer. So the commission thinks it’s a good idea to take a look at the lessons learned.” She said the windstorm caused one of the worst outages in state history. “The hope is that by investing a lot of money, which the utilities are, and we as ratepayers pay for that, that that should be paying off with fewer outages in the future and when they occur, hopefully they’ll be shorter outages.” Palnau said reports from utilities are due by the end of May.